What materials are used to make jewelry?

Ποια υλικά χρησιμοποιούνται για την κατασκευή κοσμημάτων

Jewelery is an essential part of our social life. We all have the need to take care of our image and through it to pass on to those around us some basic messages about our personality and who we are. Beautifucation has always been an important chapter in the history of mankind, a chapter that even begins in prehistory. Back when jewelry testified social status and spelled evil. Animal horns, feathers, clay, wood, bones, shells etc. were used for their construction.

Some of these materials are the basis of today’s jewelry and especially the handmade ones, the manufacture of which escapes from the mass production of the industry and as a result we have more freedom regarding which materials we will experiment with.

In a few words, since the beginning of civilization, jewelry has accompanied people in their most important social moments. A piece of jewelry symbolizes a promise for marriage, good luck at a baptism, and even memory, when elders give a piece of jewelry to their children or grandchildren in order to remember them. Let’s not forget the jewels that in ancient times accompanied the dead, today they testify to us through the showcases of museums, events of glorious civilizations. All this explains why the jewel for many is the crown of fashion.

But with what materials do we make our jewelry today with all the sparkle and passion?
The materials used for simple handmade jewelry usually include decorative elements such as glass beads, silver beads, metal charms, etc. These materials are easy to find at craft stores and are often inexpensive. But if we wish to manufacture our own beads, with shapes and sizes that we dream of then we should turn to the following materials. At Kosmogonia Jewelry School, you will travel and gain knowledge to bring out your creativity on all levels.

–Fabrics: Fabric is often used to make bracelets precisely because it can be woven into intricate designs. The fabric can also be dyed or painted to create unique effects on bracelets or necklaces.

–Wood: Wood is often used for beads because it can be carved into beautiful shapes, satisfying even the most demanding taste.

–Glass: Glass is a popular material for beads and stones because it can be clear or opaque and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. Some glass beads are made by fusing two different colors together, while others are made by layering one color over another.

–Ceramics: Clay can be shaped into beads or figurines that are painted and fired in a kiln.

On the other hand, we have the constantly evolving jewelry industry, which, having state-of-the-art equipment (Laser adhesive), is able to process all kinds of materials. More specifically, some industrial jewelry is made of very expensive materials, which are not so easy to find – such as gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Materials for the manufacture of jewelry at an industrial level vary (stainless steel, titanium, etc.) but it is worth sticking to the 4 main ones.

-Gold: Raw gold is a shiny reddish-yellow precious metal which is measured in carats. The most important advantages of gold are that this particular metal is on the one hand considered one of the most malleable metals, making it easy to use, while on the other hand it is highly resistant to most acids.

–Silver: The main reason jewelry makers love this material is because it is soft and flexible (easily compressed and stretched). Also silver is highly reflective and cheap compared to gold and platinum.

-Platinum: Platinum (White Gold) is a silver-white, dense and malleable precious metal. One can realize its value if one considers that platinum is about thirty times rarer than gold and four times stronger. Platinum is also extremely durable and will never oxidize.

–Diamond: Diamond is the hardest substance known. It has a high coefficient of thermal conductivity and is highly resistant to wear. It burns at 820°C and has a high modulus of elasticity.

In conclusion
Summarizing, jewelry has played an important role on social life for thousands of years. Jewelry is not only a way to express yourself, but it can also be an accessory that matches your outfit or a piece that you wear with confidence every day. It is also an important part of our culture and heritage. Early jewelry was made by early humans who wore beads and necklaces to show off their status or wealth, but today jewelry is more about expressing yourself.