Jewelry Courses

A few words about the jewelry school and courses


Jewelry courses by expert professionals. Kosmogonia is a School of modern jewelry and addresses those who want to know and develop the art of jewelry. Our goal is to make you express your creativity with the knowledge and skills you will acquire, to use your free time in the field of Art and Culture and to strengthen your positive attitude towards learning. Our school's courses of handmade jewelry offer unique knowledge.

The space where the handmade jewelry making classes are held is designed according to modern standards. The workshop is fully equipped to meet the needs of each student, providing them with machines, tools and materials in the context of personalized teaching and we constantly ensure that the necessary safety measures are met.

The workshop is open all year round and classes are held from September to July. The educational material is divided into study programs and you can attend any course that interests you in order to learn the techniques of modern artistic jewelry and traditional silversmithing.

Jewelry Lessons in Classes of 3 People

The lessons are in classes of 3 people, of two or three hours time and take place from Monday to Saturday (morning and afternoon). We also organize quick courses for all of you who have limited time. In these courses you learn quickly and correctly the necessary techniques for the manufacture of handmade jewelry and objects.

Workshops are organized and scheduled on regular basis. If you are interested in taking part, sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified as soon as the new program of the courses will be announced. To learn more and express your interest, please contact us by email or phone. Kosmogonia's jewelry courses stand out thanks to the technocal know-how of the experts and their passion.

We offer jewelery classes and courses from friendly and high standars instructors. You will learn everything you need to know to level up. Whether you want to make jewelry for yourself, start a new career, or become a jewelry artist, we're here for you. We are by your side for any help and clarification.

Learn jewelry making and metal design in beginner to advanced jewelry classes. In a fully equipped, professional studio environment, you will gain comprehensive knowledge under the guidance of our experts. Through professional jewelry instruction and these projects, Kosmogonia students learn the basic techniques of metallurgy, forging, sawing, hammering, filing, bezel setting, texturing, welding and polishing. Our students learn the correct methods of creating handmade jewelry.

This training brings together design techniques adapted to the representation of jewelry.

You learn to visually shape a jewelry project (sketch, technical drawing,…) as well as develop it until the final shape.

We are here for clarifications.