My love for nature, art and the human being has been the catalyst for creating modern jewelry.

Claire Spiliotopoulou
σχεδιάστρια κοσμημάτων
Claire Spiliotopoulou

Jewelry Designer

“Kosmo Gonia" was created in 2011 by jewelry designer Claire Spiliotopoulou, as an artistic workshop for creative expression.
She studied jewelry with distinguished artisans and is a contemporary jewelry designer and course lecturer. Her love for nature, art and people has been the catalyst for the creation of modern jewelry.

She combines silver, brass and copper with semi-precious stones, enamels and alternative materials, discovering new forms.
She applies techniques that give birth every time to a new hand-made story where forms are explored and experiences and emotions are carved.


To define jewelry design, it can be defined as the art of designing and creating jewelry. It is the dream career choice for artistically inclined people who have a knack for creating and designing jewellery. It is also a desirable career that interests those who have a deep love and passion for fashion and accessory design. The history of jewelry design and the practice of using them is so ancient and deeply connected to culture and religion that jewelry has a huge impact and significance in history.

This importance comes from the fact that jewelry connects individuals to society and trends and that most jewelry tends to have deep symbolism and meaning. There are hidden meanings, implications of confessions and secret messages behind gem choices and designs. Jewelry designing is easily one of the most enjoyable and rewarding careers in the world. The school's handmade jewelry courses are unique and offer life-long knowledge.

However, one can succeed in this field of design and art through proper professional training from excellent institutions and universities. An experienced jewelry designer, can offer high-end design courses and programs.

What does a jewelry designer do?

Jewelry designers create beautiful jewelry using illustrations, metals, precious and semi-precious stones, beads and other materials, wax models, and guidance from matching costume sets or selected aesthetics. A jewelry designer has many responsibilities such as:

Pattern design and illustration. The initial steps are creating layers and structuring the work in sketches, either as digital art or on paper.

Researching the different types of gemstones and evaluating their quality. This process is done before choosing the perfect diamond for the jewelry.

Creating wax jewelry models. Metallurgists often do the process of casting stones and metals. But this is an essential work that experienced and trained jewelry designers can also do. Beading is one of many methods and styles of jewelry design. This process uses beautiful, eye-catching beads from various materials such as wood, clay, plastic or glass, to create accessories, decorations and jewellery. Kosmo Gonia's jewelry school consists of experienced lecturers and designers.

Personalized jewelry is in high demand among buyers because of its uniqueness and symbolism. Therefore, creating personalized jewelry as well as engraved jewelry has become an important part of jewelry designer's job.

Restoration, repair and reshaping of metals, precious stones and jewellery. Cleaning and polishing jewelry as finishes is also an essential part of a jewelry designer's job and responsibilities.