Jewelry – Tips for a unique style that sparkles

κοσμήματα συμβουλές για ανδρικό στυλ

In the modern era there is a belief that enriching the men’s way of dressing with jewelry is a fashion of recent years. History, however, refutes this mistaken perception. One only has to visit a museum and observe the jewelry collections while reading the accompanying descriptions. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn.

Allow us to provide you with just the most common examples. From the beginning of human civilization and from the first attempts to create a simplified society, jewelry has been the symbol of prestige and power. Light is trapped in the gemstone radiating confidence and wealth to the wearer. The monarchs, therefore, with the jewel confirmed their social class, the warriors adorned themselves with its brilliance, thus demonstrating their superiority on the battlefields, while the priests used it as a means of connection with religion.

For the above reasons, therefore, let’s discard the cheap prejudice that jewelry is strictly a woman’s affair and focus on the benefits of these small but at the same time great details in men’s style. In a jewelry school like Kosmogonia you will learn everything you want to know.

Does a man that seeks to stand out and attract attention turn to jewelry, and if so, what kind of jewelry?
Jewelry making is an art through which the raw material is transformed into creation. This art requires high expertise, experience, clarity and precision. So if you are a man who likes to wear an accessory that is so neat and dazzling, buying a piece of jewelry is one way. Be sure that if you have as your ally a material that contains all the greatness of human art, then get ready for flattering comments!

Let us now study the types of jewelry that make men’s style special.

The men’s ring goes beyond the narrow limits of matter since it is not a simple piece of jewelry but a direct way of expression. This particular piece of jewelry testifies to your family status on the one hand and your financial status on the other. It also expresses your aesthetic.

In recent years with the pop-rock revolution, the ring has found a place in men’s appearance, breaking down the dividing lines between the sexes.

Summarizing, the ring many times by an observer can be compared with the human eye. They say if you look deep into someone’s eyes you can see their soul. Correspondingly, by observing the particular piece of jewelry, you get a lot of information about the personality of the interlocutor in front of you.

The bracelet chapter in the history book states that it was widely used by ancient warriors in the belief that it warded off demonic creatures. This bracelet was usually made of animal bones or skin. A typical example of the transfer of this use of the bracelet from ancient times to today’s culture is the garlic bracelet believed to keep movie people safe from vampires.

Today an elegant bracelet can be worn both in everyday meetings and in more exclusive occasions. Its construction material can be gold, steel, silver, leather, etc.

The men’s watch should be included in every men’s collection. Often this particular piece of jewelry is flattered for its timelessness.

Historically, men mainly used pocket watch because of its fragile original nature. But the transition to wristwatches took place during the Great War. In particular, during the First World War, soldiers in order to keep their hands free, were supplied with wristwatches with the horrible name “trench watches”. Made of unbreakable crystal and leather straps, they greatly contributed to freedom of movement. Wristwatches therefore became part of the necessary equipment for the war front.

Nowadays, fashion is constantly focused around this particular accessory, upgrading their functionality and aesthetics. The range of consumer choice is huge and extends from classic mechanical watches to smartwatches. In our school’s jewelry seminars, you will learn all the manufacturing techniques from start to finish.

In summary, men’s accessories are a part of history and not an ephemeral fashion dictated by the modern age. Undoubtedly, it is the details of men’s clothing that will attract attention, so be very careful when choosing them and combining them.

One last, quick tip is the rule of threes. This well-known fashion secret points out that the ideal jewelry combination includes up to three pieces.