Ideas for making jewelry at home

Ιδέες για κατασκευή κοσμημάτων στο σπίτι

Jewelry making is a great way to show off your creativity and make something unique. There are many different types of jewelery that you can make at home – from bracelets, necklaces and earrings to buttons and pendants. Don’t waste a fortune buying jewelry, when the magic of your hands can often create a result that rivals even jewelry commercial giant companies. In this article we will list unique ideas for making jewelry at home.

Remember that accuracy is often defeated by simplicity and ingenuity. So with this philosophy, let’s analyze the main ways in which we can create jewelry exclusively made by us, for us.

Jewelry Making Ideas at Home – Making Beaded Jewelry at Home
You may have heard that making beaded jewelry at home is a popular option. Indeed! The manufacturing method of the specific jewelry is particularly simple, fast and easy. You can choose beads of different sizes and shapes, as well as experiment with materials such as stones or semi-precious stones. You can also combine beads with other items such as charms. If you like to be creative, don’t hesitate for a minute and dare to build your unique project. But before you start, let’s first look at the most popular preferences for making handmade beaded jewelry.

Glass and silver beads
Glass beads are a popular choice for jewelry making. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be combined with other materials to create beautiful jewelry.

Glass beads usually have holes in the center so they can be strung or wired to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Silver beads often have a “silver color” coating which wears off over time leaving behind the underlying silver color. These beads come in many different sizes, but are commonly used to make necklaces due to their small size (usually 4mm).

Besides silver glass beads there are also colored beads that are made from real colored glass (not coated). These are also available in larger sizes up to 25mm diameter, but tend not to be used as much as plain white/clear glass because they look less attractive when worn with other types of jewelery such as rings or bracelets.

Threaded, funky look and glass beads
Let’s get more specific and focus on the details. Besides the bead element, what else does a handmade piece of jewelry need to acquire its own character?

  • Use elastic cord instead of thread, as this makes it easier to put on and take off your jewelry.
  • Mixing different sizes together is a good idea. For example, small size beads mixed with medium or large size beads – make for a funky look!
  • Try using some large glass beads for a more striking necklace or bracelet.

An easy start – Beaded Bracelets
Theory is nices, but it’s time for practice! The materials needed to make these bracelets are:

  • Gold adornment with holes on each side
  • Pliers
  • Beads of our choice
  • Elastic cord

First we take the elastic cord and pass it to one end of the adornment. Then we cut it and make 3 knots. Then we pass about half of the beads on the string. After filling one side of our bracelet with beads, we do the same on the other side of the decoration. And after we prepare our jewelry, we put it on our wrist, so that we can finally determine if we require any addition or removal of the beads. At the Kosmogonia jewelry school you will learn unique techniques.

Ideas for making jewelry at home – Our Workshop
So if you want to take up the hobby of making handmade jewelry seriously, you first need to pay attention to your equipment. Because if your tools aren’t up to the task, you’ll find it much more difficult to achieve the results you want. First you need to have a comfortable workbench. A good pair of scissors is also required to cut the wire. Of course you need clasps and terminals, as well as stoppers, to keep the beads from moving. Finally, we recommend that you buy a book on making handmade jewelry at home. With such equipment therefore, be sure that your journey into the glittering world of jewelry will be full of smiles and fun! Jewelry courses will provide you with rare knowledge at all levels.

in conclusion
Summarizings, if you are looking for jewelry making ideas there are many websites that offer free designs, ideas and apps. Be sure to check out our own suggestions for making necklaces and bracelets. All you need to do is follow our simple instructions and get ready for dazzling results.