5 Tips to choose gold jewelry

5 Συμβουλές για να επιλέξετε χρυσά κοσμήματα 

Gold jewelry offers a stylish way to stand out, especially when worn in the right way with the right outfits. Gold is among the top precious metals used to make ornaments and jewelry. It has different economic, emotional and cultural values depending on the different reasons one buys it and who buys it. It is also a fact that Indians believe that gold symbolizes purity and prosperity. Its price and supply and demand are influenced by various factors such as local market conditions, economic socio-cultural factors. Once mined and refined, gold is turned into jewelry.

Many people who love gold jewelry, however, often cannot distinguish between real and fake gold. There are many things to consider when buying gold jewelry. It is necessary to separate the different variations of gold that exist in all markets. These variations affect purity, quality and price. Here are 5 tips for choosing gold jewelry.

Purity of Gold Jewelry
When we come to analyze the purity of gold, different jewels have different types and ranges of purity. Due to its soft nature, pure gold cannot be used alone to make jewelry. Instead, gold must be alloyed with other metals such as nickel, silver, copper and zinc to be strong and durable.

You can find common options in gold karats such as 18K, 22K and 24K. The higher the number, for example, 24K is greater than 18K and 22K indicates the higher the purity of the gold.

The purity of gold jewelry determines its purchase price. The alloy used also plays a role in the price, depending on whether it is silver, bronze, etc. The design of the jewelry and the amount of skill and labor required to make the jewelry is also an important factor. All these factors when considered can affect the price of gold jewelry. A high priced gold piece shows that the cost of skill and labor and the alloy used was high.

However, this should not stop you from purchasing high-quality gold jewelry. Check what’s in your budget, but go for quality gold pieces. Choose from a collection of elegant and high quality gold jewelery worth every penny you spend.

Gold is available in many variations. The original and common color is yellow gold. However, there are other popular options such as white gold and rose gold. Other gold jewelry is a combination of two-tone styles for those who prefer a mix of colors. Depending on which metals were combined with pure gold, you can get new and varied color palettes. For example, a mixture of pure gold with white metals such as palladium or silver creates white gold. Pure gold combined with copper results in a soft pink rose gold complexion.

With so much progress, gold can now be created in many other different colors such as green, purple and even black. However, the demand for the original variant of yellow gold is still at the top below the precious metals.

Weight in grams
Each piece of gold jewelry is measured in grams which determine the price of the gold jewelry. The higher the number of grams, the higher the price of the jewelry. Gold karats and weight allow you to calculate the jeweler’s markup on gold prices.
24K is pure 1005 gold with 12K gold and 12K alloy metal giving the gold jewelry 50% purity. You can determine the purity percentage by dividing any K value by 24. At the Jewelry School you will learn information that is truly unique.

For example, 18K gold jewelry when divided by 24 gives 75% gold purity and 14K divided by 24 gives 58.33% gold purity. Some sellers do not sell based on weight and price, having gold jewelry arbitrarily marked. But, even with this limitation, you can still calculate the value of gold yourself using the carat.

The jeweler’s reputation
It is recommended that you buy your gold jewelery from a reputable jeweler to avoid buying a fake piece. Consider checking the jeweler’s reputation before purchasing jewelry. The brand must be well established with proven credibility and authenticity. You can also ask for a guarantee, especially if your jewelry is very expensive.

This protects the value of your investment. Once you buy your gold jewelry, always maintain its shine by keeping your gold jewelry fresh and clean. High karat gold items should be used less often. As in all professions, labor specialist, doctor, architect, reputation plays a role here as well.

Store your gold jewelry in separate compartments or wrap it in individual pieces of fabric to avoid their mix with other jewelry.