Why should I learn to make handmade jewelry?

In an age where everything is so industrialized and sterile, choosing to wear handmade jewelry definitely makes you unique. Especially when the handmade jewelry is made by you and bears the creator’s identity, giving uniqueness to every style.

At “Kosmogonia” school, our philosophy is about passion, the intangible yet tangible element that determines our success. Learn the art of silversmithing and learn to craft handmade jewelry with a visual approach to design and references to tradition and contemporary art.

Our goal is to teach students how to express their creativity through contemporary handmade jewelry, developing high-level knowledge, in terms of technical as well as theoretical skills. Our jewelry tutorials will show you everything you need to know.

With the excellent training provided to you, combined with the encouragement to discover one’s talent, your possibilities of access to the labor market and your professional development are enhanced. Your free time is also used creatively in the field of art and culture and through the process of the personalized approach, you are given the opportunity to be guided from the conception of an idea to its implementation resulting in a unique handmade piece of jewelry.