How to wear jewelry for every occasion

Πως να φορέσετε κοσμήματα για κάθε περίσταση (1)

So how to wear jewelry? How to match jewelry with clothes? According to etiquette, the precious accessory should be chosen based on the situation and outfit. For example, if you are wearing a dress with patterns and colors, it is best you choose a piece of jewelry with simple lines. If, on the other hand, you choose a much simpler and sober look, you can wear a more special piece of jewelry. Check out some tips to always look flawless in any occasion, from the most informal to the most elegant.

One of the first “rules” can be summed up with the saying “Less is more”. In fact, one of the most common mistakes people make is to overdo it, while they should only wear the necessary jewelry. The number of recommended accessories is 3, but if in doubt, less than too many is better. It is best not to wear a complete set, but choose to wear a necklace and earrings or a bracelet together with a ring. We tend to avoid wearing expensive jewelry when doing sports, at the beach, or at the pool.

Besides being impractical, external factors such as sand and seawater could damage the jewelry.

Significant jewelry such as diamonds, luxury accessories and precious stones such as highly elaborate necklaces and pendants should be avoided during the day. Etiquette also dictates that yellow gold jewelry is more appropriate during the day, while silver, white gold, and diamonds are preferable for the evening. Of course, it’s a matter of taste and how you feel good. Every woman will find the jewelry that suits her.

Accessories, according to classical etiquette, should match according to the color of the metal. Therefore, it would be better not to wear yellow gold rings or bracelets with other white gold jewelry. There is an exception for the wedding band and engagement ring! Nowadays, however, new trends tell us another story: We see more and more girls wearing accessories made of different materials together. So if you are still wondering how to combine jewelry with each other, the answer could be: Make room for experimentation and originality!

These are some tips on how to wear jewelry, suggestions that in some ways take the information from the etiquette of the past, while always remaining relevant. Others, on the other hand, are tips that can be revised and updated thanks to the experimentation dictated by the latest jewelry trends and the combinations between them. Get inspired by this article and brighten up your outfits with the right accessories!