Economical and Original Jewelry Made for You

Οικονομικά και Πρωτότυπα Κοσμήματα

Economical and Original Jewelry Made for You

It is well known that style for some is a way of expression, for others art and self-confidence, while for others it is simply an obligation not to walk around half-naked. Either way, whether you realize it or not, your appearance always reflects a part of yourself and your personality. So if you like to take care of yourself with the economy of your pocket and the originality of your imagination in mind this article is for you!

Economical and Original Jewelry for you
We’ve all heard the phrase, “the details make the difference.” The details in our style are jewelry. However small these accessories may be, they hide a charm of sophistication. Unfortunately, in the time of crisis, access to jewelry is a luxury of the rich, resulting these sparkling details to be constantly being erased from the style of the majority of the population.

Nevertheless, there is a solution and it is called creativity. More specifically, as long as one has the right tools, one will easily be able to transform one’s imagination into action and art. Follow the beginner’s guide below and you will quickly find that a piece of jewelry inspired and made by your own hands is undoubtedly a guaranteed way to make a difference in every outing and occasion!

Wire jewelry
Making wire jewelry is a fairly simple process, with dazzling results. The materials required are easily accessible and cheap, while the technique is easy to understand. Depending on how handy your hands are you can create either simple and minimal jewelry, or more complex designs adorned with beads and other additions.

The materials required are the following:

  • Small round nose pliers
  • Small pliers with a wide nose
  • Beads
  • Clasps for necklaces
  • Earring accessories

For making earrings your options vary as you can decorate your projects with beads and pearls. You can browse from symmetrical, classic to asymmetrical, modern designs. The pliers will help you bend the wire evenly without causing it to break. In the jewelry tutorials we will analyze every detail.

At the same time, you are given the opportunity to test your skills even in the manufacture of handmade necklaces. In the category of necklaces, attention is drawn to adjusting the length of the necklace to hug your neck as you wish. It can fit either very close to the neck as a choker or as a regular pendant necklace. If you’re indecisive about the length you want, you can add a subtle chain near the clasp to adjust the length.

Finally you can create handmade rings using a small amount of wire. Precisely for the reason that no clasp is required, ring making is suitable for beginners who wish to experiment with handmade jewelry. To form the desired curve to the size of your finger, twist the wire around a thin cylindrical object. Then narrow it down to fit your finger and “Voila” your jewelry is ready!

Polymer clay earrings
The materials we will need:

  • Polymer clay in various colors
  • Earring clasps
  • Small rolling pin
  • Clay processing tools
  • Molds
  • Glue gun

Initially the first decision you need to make is about the color of the earrings you dream of creating. It is worth noting that you can combine different colors, achieving in this way beautiful color mixtures that are sure to catch the eyes of passers-by.

You should also pay attention to the amount of clay you use, because your designs will be pressed by the rolling pin. That is, in the case that you imagine a more delicate design, use a small amount of material to avoid the result of a larger and repulsive earring in your own eyes.

So now that the raw material of your jewelry is ready, it’s time to let your hands free to be artistic. A special touch is the use of a stencil with the help of which you can achieve dents or lines in your clay, as well as paint it!

Then you need to outline the length and shape of your earrings by removing the excess clay. This specific action is achieved with a cutting tool. In any case of mishandling you can take corrective action by molding the clay again. In jewelry school you will learn valuable information as well as knowledge.

Then in the place where you wish to place your clasp, with a toothpick or in general with a pointed tool, you will make the hole.

Finally, place your earrings in the pan and put the mixture in a preheated oven. Follow your clay’s directions for baking temperature and time closely. After removing them from the oven, sand your earrings with sandpaper to form a smooth surface.

In conclusion
Summarizing the art of handmade jewelry, it is a trend of recent years which undoubtedly competes in quality with jewelry of the most important fashion houses. So don’t waste time, try your hands and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of creating!