‘Cosmogonia’- An Educational Centre promoting Lifelong Learning. (Level 1)

License No: 2100613-EOPPEP-‘National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Quidance’

The school of creating handmade modern jewellery and objects inspired by the concept of ‘Kosmogonia’ and named after it is certified by the National Organization for the certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance ( EOPPEP) and has been hereby recognized as a center of Lifelong Learning (Level 1). The centers of Lifelong Learning constitute a basic element of Education and are an ongoing process towards learning and mental growth. Their purpose and educational aim is to strengthen the trainee’s ability to adopt to the cognitive demands of a constantly developing social an economic status by acquiring knowledge and skills of a higher mental level. The level of excellence acquired enforces the trainee’s capabilities and chances to enter the labor market and moreover boosts his or her professionalism. Furthermore, these centers exploit creatively the trainee’s free time and open a window to the fields of art and culture thus enforcing the positive attitude of the trainee towards learning.

The place where the classes of modern handmade jewellery and objects take place is in accordance with the standards and principles as defined by the ministry of Education and Religion. The laboratory is fully equipped to meet the working demands and needs of every and each trainee by providing the materials, tools and necessary equipment. Each trainee works in a frame of individualized teaching and guidance whilst it is constantly ensured that all the safety measures are met.

The workshop is open throughout the year and classes are held from September to July. The educational material on offer is divided into courses allowing each trainee to choose from a wide variety of these courses the ones which capture his or her interest and which give rise to individual artistic and intellectual shapes which are then in turn attached to each piece of jewellery. Most of the courses are individual and last for two or three hours from Monday to Saturday both in the morning and in the afternoon. In its entirety the course covers 50 hours of interactive teaching and each class lasts for two hours. The trainees are taught the techniques of modern jewellery and silverware. During the courses all the tools and materials needed are provided by the school and every creation of each trainee is kept by him or her. The lessons which constitute an integral part of the fifty-hour course cost 120 euros per month.

After completing the course each trainee receives a certificate of studies and attendane. For those whose free time is limited intensive classes are organized. Despite the fact that these seminars are held individually the cost is quite low. Nonetheless, the trainee masters all the necessary techniques needed to create handmade jewellery, accessories and objects.

One can choose any from the following classes. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Modern Jewellery
  • Introduction to silverware
  • Cast and jewellery production
  • Art jewellery
  • Macrame jewellery
  • Mixed techniques
  • Jewellery made of wire
  • Jewellery made from papier mache
  • Jewellery made using the technique of felting
  • Ceramic jewellery
  • Decoration of leather sandals
  • Easter candles and candle boxes made by using the technique of decoupage
  • Handmade soap created by cold process

Certificate of Studies and attendance is offered after attending the seminars.